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Danmachi Syr Flover Moments

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vay tiền online, bất động sản khuyến mãi giảm giá cực sốc căn hộ VIP 3 phòng ngủ chỉ có tại câ
vay tiền online, bất động sản khuyến mãi giảm giá cực sốc căn hộ VIP 3 phòng ngủ chỉ có tại câ

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Originally posted 2020-07-29 08:08:34.

vay tiền online, bất động sản khuyến mãi giảm giá cực sốc căn hộ VIP 3 phòng ngủ chỉ có tại câ


  1. I completely agree with everyone in the comment section. Im an anime only person and at some point I thought Syr was Freya for 3 reasons.
    1. The most obvious, their hair color
    2. Their affection for bell ( like every other girl in danmachi)
    3. The only solid evidence. When hestia was resting in the pub after bells fight with the silverback and syr talks to bell and says I saw the battle and I liked what I saw. But the viewers never got a frame of syr during the battle nor were there any small details in the crowd that she there. The only thing we did see was Freya viewing the fight.

  2. Man Syr and the Tavern she works at is really trying to scam him with as much coins from him as they can, if i got into it once i'd never return or bat an eye if they tried to make me a cash cow

  3. Syr intentionally gave bell that grimoire.. she's hiding something (or maybe that grimoire belongs to her…) If someone knows you can spoil me anything about her…

  4. I wish that the light novel would finally get to the true reveal of Syr. It's possible the author wants to keep its whole revelation secret, but it'd he nice for some closure.

    We have the light novel, the side stories, and the anime, and for the most part all that's essentially confirmed is that Freya familia protects and guards Syr, Freya uses Syr (and Mia) as a proxy to guide Bell, and that Syr has direct aspirations/relations regarding Freya herself. But it's interesting, because be posits Syr to be a character with extreme character reading skills and out of place knowledge of events and other characters, that others don't.

    Like most things in the show, the characters namesakes have only a slight relation to the actual mythology, just as a nod, then the author creates a story off that. Syr is an alias for Freya but that's as far as it goes. Like how Cassandra and Daphne are just nods to their namesake, but it's not really a key point.

  5. While nearly everyone appreciates your effort in making this video, myself included, is there anything you can do about the unholy choppy part of the video? For the future anyways..

  6. Start the video thinking syr and freya have a connection and mamma mia used to be freya familia's leader…Every single appearance is suspicious with that in mind…

  7. I heard syr is human who different with Freya. So they two is not same. But Freya give her something to protect her also use her.
    Like what syr see Freya can see too. Also Freya power can syr use too.
    Maybe something Freya give to syr is half of her soul, since i heard syr founded by Freya in half dead state.

    😅 But i think normal if people see syr and Freya is same person. In ryu side story syr can use abilities to see everyone card, making her win every gamble she have, like she can see what person eyes doing.

    I don't know this true or not since i just see it at forums.


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